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Duct Clean delivers outstanding duct cleaning services to existing and prospective customers throughout Australia.


We feel that we have the knowledge and experience to meet your requirements in any area of duct cleaning that is necessary and can answer any questions you may have. We know that this work has to be carried out as efficiently as possible, as quietly as possible and causing the minimum of disruption to customers and staff.


Duct Clean also understands the need for care in sensitive areas, and is willing to meet any other special requirements your site may have. We do this by discussing our needs to carry out thorough duct cleaning with the area’s particular need for care with whatever work is being undertaken at the time. We do this by ensuring that all work is covered, by either ourselves or the staff if special care has to be taken, by arriving on site at the time stated, by carrying out the work in the most efficient we can and then making sure the work is completed in the time frame stated.


 If any problems arise, we immediately notify the people concerned so that problems can be resolved in the shortest time possible. As our method also involves physically brushing and vacuuming the ductwork we can make you aware of any problems within the ducting that may not be found easily.

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